Leitz 50mm Elmar, a birthday surprise!

Lurking around  a certain auction site this evening and the little beauty, (see below), popped up and at a super cheap price too, a nice way to round off ones birthday. So as l type l am one very happy chap indeed!


Circa 1932, (ish), this 5cm, (50mm) lens is a  m39 LTM mount lens and so will fit Leica, and other ltm cameras such as the Cannon P or the Zorki 4K. Not a particularly fast lens  by today’s standards, (f3.5),  but if it was good enough for Henri Cartier Bresson then it is good enough for me. Indeed it is the lens that the Leitz/Lecia legend was founded on!


I still cannot believe l grabbed this lens for the price l got it, I wish I could  find out its history, if only it could talk and let us know its life story, what its seen what images it has taken, a lot has happened since 1932! I plan to use it with both my analogue cameras and my digital cameras, l look forward to shooting some  b&W film  with it, l do realise that it will have the ‘character’ that these early lenses exhibit,  i.e. low contrast and a bit of flare, but hey ho thats what makes using vintage glass fun.


Watch this space, l will let you know how l fare with this legendary piece of glass


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