Why use rangefinder cameras?

In a world full of DSLR’s, a world full of bells and whistles, you may ask, ‘why use an analogue rangefinder camera from the 1950s‘,  a camera such as the Leica M2.


There are many reasons why I use rangefinder cameras, like my leica M2,  (pictured above), for one they  are fun to use, coupled with the fact that the M2 is smooth, seriously smooth, not to mention built like a mechanical jewel. At the end of the day, however, they are just a tool and rangefinders tend to lend themselves towards a  certain style of  photography that appeals to me, candid people photography. A cursory glance around the net attests to the fact that rangefinder cameras tend to be quiet and unobtrusive and thus allow you capture images that other wise could and often would be missed, mages such as the ones below.


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